Cybele Scagel Kids is a combination of botanical extracts with silicone derivative in gel preparation
Pediatrician tested – hypoallergenic and non irritant
Application of Cybele Scagel Kids is easy and non-invasive.

Skin care for

Allergic reactions from insect bites Injuries Minor scalds & burns
Laser therapy Surgical procedures Newly formed scars

Effective scar management

Less itch Less pain Less redness Less pigmentation
Moisturizing Skin more flexible Smoother skin Softer skin

How does Cybele Scagel KIDS work

Scratching to relieve itch after mosquito bites can cause further injury to the skin.

Cybele Scagel Kids cares for skin by soothing the itch so that scratching and further injury ro rhe skin is avoided.


When to start using Cybele Scagel KIDS


Use immediately after the wound closed or stitches are removed.
     This is when the new skin has formed – normally 10 to 12 days after injury or surgery.
     If there is a scab, allow the scab to drop off naturally before application.
Apply 3 to 4 times daily after the area is cleansed.

Insect Bites

Apply immediately on bite area
     Do not use if the skin is broken or it is an open wound.

How to apply Cybele Scagel Kids

Ensure that the area for application is clean and dry
Apply Cybele Scagel Kids with sufficient amount to spread thinly onto the area
Rub in gently until it is absorbed completely by the skin
Continue to apply daily to see improvement on area of application.

Application of sun protection cream

Apply Cybele Scagel Kids before using sun protection cream
If you are going outdoors or risk exposure to UV radiation, apply sun protection after application of Cybele Scagel Kids

Combination Therapies

First apply Cybele Scagel Kids as usual
Then apply the prescibed product (example silicone gel or silicone gel sheet) after Cybele Scagel Kids has been absorbed and dry
Consult with your doctor on using combination therapies for scar management


For external use only
Do not use on open wound
Do not use on mucosa membranes (examples: eyes, inner lips)
Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help
If irritation occurs, stop using and consult your doctor.


When is a wound considered closed

A wound is closed when the scab has dropped off naturally or when stitches are moved.
A closed wound will have a new layer of skin and does not have a moist or wet surface.
Using the correct wound dressing on an open wound will provide a moist healing environment for the wound and helps in faster and better healing of the wound.
How effective is Cybele Scage Kids is for scars

The best approach is to avoid and prevent scar formation and this is the reason why you should use Cybele Scagel as soon as the wound closes before the scars appear.
Should unsightly scars happen, they normally appear within the 1st month from the time of injury or surgery.
Scars are considered OLD scars after 6 weeks from point of injury or surgery.
NEW scars are easier to improve and OLD scars are more difficult to improve and sometimes combination therapies are necessary to make the scars look better.
How effective is Cybele Scagel Kids is for soothing itch from mosquito bites

Itch from mosquito bites can cause distress and discomfort especially for children. Scratching on the moquito bite area can cause further injuries to the skin. Injuries from scratching can lead to scars formation. It is best to avoid scratching.
Cybele Scagel Kids is soothing and can help to relieve the itch and therefore scratching is avoided.
Is Cybele Scagel Kids different from Cybele Scagel

Yes. Cybele Scagel Kids has a different formulation from Cybele Scagel.
Cybele Scagel Kids is formulated to provide additional benefits to care for itchy skin caused by moquito or insect bites and allergic reactions.
Can I use Cybele Scagel Kids with other topical therapies

Yes you can.
Always apply Cybele Scagel Kids first.
Rub in gently until it is absorbed into the skin.
When the skin is dry, you can then apply the other prescibed product/s (example silicone gel or silicone gel sheet)
Consult with your doctor on using combination therapies for scar management
Where can I buy Cybele Scagel Kids

Cybele Scagel is available in many countries.
You can contact us by clicking HERE and we will send you more information.